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The Center For Women In Transition Is Transforming St Louis

It all began with a group of volunteers at a local jail noticing women were repeatedly returning to incarceration. These were the same women who had seemed so eager to reemerge into society as better people. What had happened? Quite literally, not much. With a clear lack of safe housing, hard to battle addictions, lack of financial stability and support systems, most of them were funneled right back into what instigated their imprisonment in the first place. That realization empowered that group of volunteers at the jail to become what The Center for Women In Transition is today.

Change is possible. The Center for Women in Transition believes that with the right tools, women can transform their lives. To prevent recidivism, women must be safe, supported, and healthy. Maintaining stable housing and freedom from addiction, achieving economic stability, addressing health issues, and developing healthy relationships are all critical components to long-term success. The Center’s goal is for its clients to become empowered, healthy, and stable citizens and family members.

CWITSTL make change possible for the women of St. Louis! Visit for more information or donate directly to their cause by buying your Rosé Day tickets from the link below.

Get your tickets below! See you on May 4th for Rosé Day!

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