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Financial Hope Now Being Served By Prosperity Connection

You've heard the stories. Pay day loan and check cashing establishments are littered throughout the city - usually in the poorest neighborhoods - counting on the residents to fall short that week. But that begs the question, where else can they go? Without other options many people rely on these types of industries to get by. Sometimes it's their only hope to be able to afford a meal that evening. But with interest rates averaging 450%, once you’re in for that first check, there’s little opportunity to be able to afford getting out. Prosperity Connection was established by St. Louis Community Credit Union to address this specific problem affecting people all across St. Louis. They help individuals and families earn economic independence through financial education, development services and low-cost banking options. They’ve even opened two Red Dough Money Centers. It’s a small-dollar loan store that offers cash checking and alternatives to pay day lending and check cashing establishments.

Through Prosperity Connection’s Excel Center, St. Louis residents are learning financial literacy, goal-based financial planning and general life skills. To hear more about their mission, visit or donate directly to their cause by buying your Rosé Day tickets from the link below.

Get your tickets below! See you on May 4th for Rosé Day!

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