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Hawthorn Leadership School For Girls Paving Its Own Public School Path

When reading the Hawthorn Leadership School for Girls core values, what strikes us the most is that there is nothing in the five values that relates only to females except for being "part of the Hawthorn sisterhood." But we suspect you don't need to be female to uphold those values either. Being the first all-girls public school in Missouri, Hawthorn the unenviable task of staking its own ground in an era when schools have less and less funding. Support outside public funding doesn't just help, it's absolutely critical as the cost of educating a Hawthorn girl far exceeds the public funds available.

Hawthorn opened in 2015 and their first graduating class will walk across the stage in 2021. Many of their students will be first in their families to attend college and for those who go on to pursue careers in STEM, they will be among the first minority women to enter those fields.

Visit for more information or donate directly to their cause by buying your Rosé Day tickets from the link below.

Get your tickets below! See you on May 4th for Rosé Day!

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