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Lydia's House is Safe At Home

You and your children have safely escaped from your abusive home. First step, a shelter. They, of course, play an important role in starting your new life in an safe environment. But shelters aren't home. And home can never feel like home until it's at least semi-permanent.

Lydia’s House is a place of healing and a voice of hope for abused women and their children. The organization provides safe, conveniently located, fully furnished apartments for up to two years, bridging that critical stepping stone between emergency shelter and safe, independent living as well as assisting women and their children to create and implement long-term individual life-goal plans which include education, training, employment, and safe housing.

Lydia's House returns for its second year as a Rosé Day partner and we think you'll be as inspired as we are by their work. Donate directly to their cause by buying your Rosé Day tickets from the link below.

Get your tickets below! See you on May 4th for Rosé Day!

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