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An Organization On a Mission to End Diaper Need in St. Louis

Updated: Feb 26, 2022

Each year Rosé Day selects 10 incredible non-profits to highlight at Rosé Day. Our mission is simple: to raise awareness, and funds, for organizations doing amazing things in our community. For the first time, in 2022 the St. Louis Area Diaper Bank will be added to the lineup. What that means is, every buyer that selects the Diaper Bank at time of ticket purchase is getting not just a passport to Rosé Day, they're also donating to an organization changing the lives of mothers and toddlers each and every day.

The St. Louis Area Diaper bank was formed in 2014 after the founders heard a story on the radio from the director of the National Diaper Bank Network about the prevalence of diaper need across the country, about how 1 in 3 mothers routinely finds herself without enough diapers to keep her child clean and dry. Stories of families across the country making tough choices between diapers and food or medicine, being forced to leave little ones for far too long in dirty diapers, and even having to reuse soiled diapers because they couldn’t afford to buy more.

The St. Louis Area Diaper Bank partners with other nonprofits and agencies that work with families and individuals in need. Through community diaper drives and donations, we collect or purchase diapers and distribute them to a wide variety of service agencies and faith-based organizations. The St. Louis Area Diaper Bank believes all of us: babies, children, and adults deserve to be clean and dry.

Today, across our region, this program oversees the distribution over 3 million diapers annually. And recently, programming has expanded to include the distribution of period supplies -- a community need this organization identified and is responding to. If you or someone you know is experiencing diaper need, connect with one of the more than 60 organizational partners now offering diapers free of charge through this program. Find a site close by here.

We look forward to giving RD participants an opportunity to learn more about this and other non-profits at the festival. See you on May 7th!


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