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1 in 5 Women in the U.S. Has Visited a Planned Parenthood at Least Once. Learn More at Rosé Day.

We don't need to tell you who Planned Parenthood is. We don't need to tell you the critical work they do to educate and provide essential healthcare to women. Or do we? Some quick facts --

Planned Parenthood is:

- The largest provider of sex education in the nation;

- An expert source on sexual health care for more than 100 years;

- The resource one in five women has turned to at least once in her lifetime;

- Providing care. No matter what.

For all the good Planned Parenthood does (STD prevention and treatment, pregnancy testing and support, birth control) it's still essential that we increase awareness to ensure their work is not pigeonholed.

Rosé Day is proud to welcome Planned Parenthood back to the festival to share their mission. It's a story you don't always get to hear and what better way to hear it than over a glass of rosé?

You can support Planned Parenthood by getting your tickets directly through the link below. A portion of your purchase will support Planned Parenthood's work right here in the Central West End and beyond. See you on May 4th for Rosé Day!


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